100 Days of Dante Poetry Contest

Sponsored by the Calvin Center for Faith & Writing with the Society of Classical Poets

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the contest! 

Overall Winner:
“Papa’s Commedia” by Nicholas Walz

Post-College Poets:
 “Satan’s Soliloquy”
James A. Tweedie

Undergraduate & Graduate Students:
 “Silver Fire” 
Gail Kathleen Jardine

High School Students:
Jillian Bober


The Calvin Center for Faith & Writing endeavors to create spaces wherein people from many faith traditions are welcomed warmly, listened to with respect and generosity, and inspired to deeper engagement with the common good.


The Society of Classical Poets is a non-profit organization based in upstate New York that supports the creation and appreciation of poetry with meter and other traditional techniques such as rhyme. Learn more at www.Classicalpoets.org


Many Thanks to our Judges: Preliminary Judges Peter Hawkins and Joshua Parks, and Final Judges Angela Alaimo O’Donnell and James Sale!