Purgatorio, Canto 24




Jason Houston is the director of the Gonzaga in Florence Program for Gonzaga University.

Questions for Reflection

  • This is another canto filled with poets talking about poetry. Who are Dante’s main conversation partners?
  • How do we get a replay here of the garden of Limbo from Inferno 4? Has Dante grown since then?
  • In lines 52-54 Dante gives an account of his poetic identity and of the nature of the poetry he writes. What are some of the key components of his description? Do you think he could have given this same description of his poetry prior to his journey through Purgatory?
  • What are the two trees on the terrace of the gluttons? What function do they play? What virtue are they helping the souls cultivate?


  • Dr. Jason Houston
  • Gonzaga in Florence
  • Run Time 7:40