Purgatorio, Canto 13




Ross Brooke Watts is a Professor of History at Whitworth University. She teaches courses in Western Philosophy for Whitworth’s CORE250 program, and she is the Director for the Service Learning and Community Engagement center.

Questions for Reflection 

  • What is the vice of envy and how is it an enemy of love?
  • What is the purgation the envious undergo? How can this cure envy? 
  • What virtue counters envy and how is Mary an exemplar of this virtue?
  •  How does Dante relate envy to nationalism and thus recall his conversation with Farinata in Inferno 10.94ff?
  • How  does Dante understand his own tendency to be prideful rather than envious (133-135)?
  • Why does Saphia want Dante to remember her when he returns to Tuscany? How is her plea to be remembered different from similar pleas from those in hell?


  • Dr. Ross Brooke Watts
  • Whitworth University
  • Run Time 10:35