Paradiso Canto 29




Jenny Howell is the Director of the Theology, Ecology, and Food Justice Program at Baylor’s Truett Seminary. Her research explores creation, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and agrarianism.

Questions for Reflection

  • In lines 8 and 9, we see that Beatrice is starting intently into the bright point of light (the Empyrean), which Dante describes as “the point that overcame me.” This echoes Francesca’s being overcome by desire in Inferno Why would Dante bring up Francesca at this point in the story?
  • What does Beatrice mean when she describes the Empyrean as where every ubi (where) and quando (when) have their center (29.12)? How is God related to God’s creation?
  • How does Beatrice articulate creation as an act of divine love (29.13-18)? What are the “three arrows” of creation (29.28-30)?
  • After listening to Beatrice’s discourse on angels and creation in the last three canti, how should Dante see and understand creation (29.142-145)?
  • Why might Dante have chosen to make the penultimate section of the Comedy so dense with metaphysical discussions about the nature of reality itself?



  • Dr. Jenny Howell
  • Truett Seminary
  • Run Time 10:24