Purgatorio, Canto 22




Julia Hejduk is an Associate Professor of Classics at Baylor University. Her research explores Latin poetry, Roman religion in Literature, and women in antiquity, and she is the author of several works on Ovid and Virgil.

Questions for Reflection

  • As Statius narrates the transformative power of reading Virgil’s poetry, how does Dante draw a difference between the act of reading and the act of understanding (22.37-42)? How should we think of our reading of Dante in light of this?
  • What role does Virgil play in Statius’ conversion to Christianity (22.64-87)? How much is Statius an avatar for Dante here? How can the pagan Virgil lead someone to the Christian faith?
  • How did the testimony of the martyrs contribute to Statius’ Christian faith (22.79-87)?
  • How does Statius represent the sin of sloth?


  • Dr. Julia Hejduk
  • Baylor University
  • Run Time 7:33