Paradiso Canto 19




Jessica Hooten Wilson is the Louise Cowan Scholar in Residence at the University of Dallas. She is an expert on Dante, Dostoevsky, and hermeneutics.

Questions for Reflection

  • What relationship does Dante determine between earthly justice and divine justice? How do we see him work out his sense of justice grammatically through his employment of singular and plural pronouns in lines 7-12?
  • How does Dante conceive of the limits of human vision/human understanding of the divine will (19.49-63)?
  • How does Dante employ his understanding of the limits of human understanding to the question of salvation of the pagans (19.70-81)?
  • What makes something just (19.88-90)? Do you agree with Dante?
  • Can anyone be saved apart from Christ (19.103-111)? Why might there be so many (at least nominally) Christian people in Dante’s hell?


  • Dr. Jessica Hooten Wilson
  • University of Dallas
  • Run Time 7:28