Inferno Canto 24




Dr. Janelle Aijian is an Associate Professor in the Torrey Honors College at Biola University. She studies the philosophy of religion, skepticism and spirituality, and the vice of acedia.

Questions for Reflection

  • How does Virgil impel Dante to keep moving by making an appeal to fame (46-54)? Is this proper motivation or is this too much like the advice given by Brunetto Latini?
  • What relationship does Virgil draw between body and mind in lines 45-54?
  • After the parody of the crucifixion in the previous canto, how do we see a parody of the resurrection in this canto?
  • How do the thieves manifest their shame at being seen by Dante? Is Dante simply a voyeur of their suffering? Or does their shame evoke a biblical narrative?


  • Dr. Janelle Aijian
  • Torrey Honors College
  • Run Time 9:04