Paradiso Canto 25




Alina Beary is an Associate Professor in the Torrey Honors College at Biola University. She is interested in virtue ethics, the deadly sin tradition, implicit biases, and she primarily studies St. Thomas Aquinas.

Questions for Reflection

  • Why do you think Dante chooses to call his poem a “sacred poem” (25.1) in the canto when Dante discourses on hope?
  • How does Dante hope the poem will overcome his exile (25.1-6)?
  • What’s the relationship between hope, love, and service (25.45)? Who examines Dante on hope and why?
  • How does Beatrice describe Dante in lines 52-54? How does her description indicate the distance Dante has come since we first met him in the dark wood?
  • For what does Dante hope (25.67-96)? How might this be connected to the story of Gregory and Trajan in Paradiso 20, or to the sign above the gate of hell in Inferno 3?


  • Dr. Alina Beary
  • Torrey Honors College
  • Run Time 9:45