Purgatorio, Cano 11




Adam Johnson is an Associate Professor in the Torrey Honors College at Biola University. Dr. Johnson is a theologian, and his work examines the Christian doctrine of atonement.

Questions for Reflection

  • Prayer again emerges as a major theme in Purgatorio. Why begin canto 11 with a re-written version of the Our Father or Lord’s Prayer? What relationship does Dante seem to be identifying between humility, poetry, and prayer? 
  • Is Dante’s decision to re-write the Our Father a sign of his pride or his humility? 
  • How does Dante depict the relationship between Church militant and Church penitent?
  • How does Dante use Oderisi to explore the recurring themes of pride, artistic skill, and the vain pursuit of glory? How do lines 100-102 contrast with Brunetto Latini in Inferno 15?


  • Dr. Adam Johnson
  • Torrey Honors College
  • Run Time 10:18